It's not just vodka, it's art MADE FOR GREATNESS

Billionaer Vodka® is made from a carefully selected sort of Rye, which gives the spirit a distinct and strong flavor. We only use crystalline clear water in our production to assure the uttermost purity in every Billionaer© bottle.

Our vodka is filtered though the highest grade of carbon and distilled seven times to make sure, that the end result is premium. When you taste Billionaer Vodka® you will be surprised by the softness in texture combined with the strong fullness in body.

Billionaer Vodka® can be served in various ways, for any sensation you want to create for your guests. You can pour the crystalline clear drops cold in small glasses for a strong and uplifting experience. Serve Billionaer Vodka© on the rocks for a longer conversation.
Or you can mix it into long drinks or cocktails with your guests’ favorite flavors. Take a look at our suggestions for Billionaer Vodka® Cocktails

BILLIONAER VODKA® CAN STAND ALONE- Or go mingle with everybody - the cool, the sour, the bitter and the sweet!

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